Tools – a random list

I often discover tools, but I often forgot the URL when I need them. So I started this list, where I collect all tools I use, used, or probably going to use in future.

E-Commerce Systems

Novomind iPim Very good PIM System

OSCware Tool for syncronizing online shops with marketplaces, ERP and vice versa.

JTL Wawi Small ERP, worth looking at.

shopware very good online shop software, open source. Not only for SMEs.

mirakl great tool for starting a marketplace.

Ticketing solutions

Zammad open source with nice GUI

osTicket open source

Email Stuff & Helper upload a mail and and get a spam score for the mail (affiliate link): send newsletter, transaktionmails and sms. Has a free Kontigent and is a EUROPEAN provider, french to be exact.

mjml Framework for easily creating responsive mail templates. Amazing!

Dev Tools

terraformer Reverse terraforming for google cloud

Debugging a VPN client


jira powerful and great tool for managing product development and software projects

balsamiq perfect tool for mockups

axure nice tool for wireframing and prototyping, a bit heavy though.

Microsoft Excel useful for almost everything, except csv files!

Microsoft Visio standard for flowcharts. check out this simple tool too: PapDesigner

Google Chrome of course

ImageJ advanced Tool for Image processing or Fiji

Kibana we use it for logfile analysis, but there are more areas of application.

keepass password manager

WinSCP SCP/SFTP/FTP/WebDav Client with many features.

superputty Managing your putty sessions in tabs. very nice and useful.

first object XML editor For big xml files (some GB in size)

autoIt Nice tool for automating tasks for windows and for scripting small daily helpers.

iconion icon generator

visipics cool tool for finding duplicate images great tool for fast, easy and powerful image editing. It is somewhere between Photoshop and MS Paint. MAC Users try: Paint Pro

ampps Nice Lamp Server. For having websites local on your windows machine. Very nice videoconferencing tool for everyone: from small start ups to big Corporates.

lightshot From my opinion the best screenshot tool ever. Not many fancy features, but very seemless UX. Nice.

charles Nice Proxy and network monitoring tool. I use it to see what requests an app on my phone are sending.

redash Great tool for visualizing DB queries. You can use a lot of different data sources.

CTA Widgets nice widgets for optimizing conversion on your website.

searchkit If you need a consumer friendly UI for your elastic search database.

Automatic E-Mail Printer If you want to print e-mails automatically on your printer. Great Tool.


Namelix Create a fantasy name base on keywords

BigQuery Schema Generator Creare a BQ schema from a file

Lighthouse page speed tool Measure the speed of your website with this google tool

Google Analytics Google web analysis, check out piwik, too.

Google Tag Manager Perfect tool for managing tracking scripts and more on a website. An online tool for evaluating freemarker scripts An online tool for testing regular expressions

Kimono Interesting tool for automation, scraping webpages and more. -> they are sold to Palantir and offline

letsencrypt SSL for everybody.

ean13 tool simple online tool for checking ean13.

browserstack great tool for testing different browsers and automation. You want to mail somebody, but you only know the name and company? Then you need email hunter. get information regarding EANs, official page.

codrops perfect to get inspiration of UX tricks

answer the public good tool to find long tail keywords

Keywordfinder good tool to do some seo keyword recherche

cookie consent Create a cookie consent banner, easily.

unsplash A load of really beautiful and free images!  

word zu html great tool to convert a word document to html quickly. Great cross browser test tool, which is really not expensive.

Cookie scanner Nice Tool to check if and what cookies and third party requests a website sents.

chrome extensions

Postman Very nice rest client, or for sending any kind of requests.

Google Tag Assistant For checking any kind of google Tags

EditThisCookie Very nice Plugin to view quickly all cookies and edit them

Seerobots very simple plugin to check the robots meta tag

ghostery great adblocker and very useful for web tracking debugging

builtWith You want to know what technologies a website is using? Then builtWith is the right extension for you. WhatRuns is in the same category.

Google Analytics Debugger Really useful tool for debugging a google analytics installation.

Adswerve – dataLayer Inspector+ useful for debuggin google tag manager container

Disable Content-Security-Policy e.g. if you are testing a page, where the debug container of GTM can not be loaded, because of content policies.

JSON Formatter see json responses nicely formatted in your browser.

Redirect Path you can check page redirects in the network monitor of your browser, but with this plugin they are easier to spot.